Grim Velmir Faügher is born on November 5th 1956 in Sgödjolsk, Sweden. His parents were killed by a supposed werewolf attack when he was 5, he then moved in with his grand-parents who tought him how to hunt wild bears with his bare hands. He went to the little community school of Prsvlsknük near Sïøpvsk.

He left school at 16 to focus on his piano guitar skills and got in touch with r0n3, former guitarist of DragonRage. He went to Canada, created his first band, The Mullets, as the lead signer (screamer) and participated in numerous shows in r0n3's friends bedrooms or basements. Unfortunatly this first project didn't lasted long, after several rumors of breaking down, The Mullets officially announced to their fans their separation. The two members didn't parted ways but stopped creating music under the influence of The Mullet's name.

Grim first developped his solos in studio sessions while the band members would take a break. Instead of following them to the nearest bar, he would work on his finger speed to acheive the perfect rate to produce extreme solos that could blow away anyone's head off.

Grim Faügher is still living in Canada and still amazing thousands of fans with his piano-guitar/piano-bass/piano-piano solos. He is considered today as one of the most influencial musicians of all time.

P.S. I'm the tall beardy one...

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I wrote this while thinking about my favorite drink.
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